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Default Tutorial: Inserting Attached Photos Into Posts

Following the steps in this tutorial will teach you how to add photos to your posts and also how to insert them into the body of your post.

Getting Started

Step 1: Start a new thread or reply to an existing thread to open the full posting editor. For instance if you reply to this thread you can see this post and edit your reply at the same time. Alternatively you can edit your post in a separate window so you can follow along.

Step 2: Click on the Name:  s_paperclip.jpg
Views: 105
Size:  754 Bytes paperclip or if you are in advanced mode the Tutorial: Inserting Attached Photos Into Posts-s_manageattachments.jpg manage attachments button in the additional options.

Step 3: This will open up a manage attachment window that you will use to upload your images. It should look something like this. Tutorial: Inserting Attached Photos Into Posts-s_manageattachmentswindow.jpg Click on that window.

Step 4: At the top of the window you'll see three lines with browse buttons next to them. Click on the browse button to bring up a windows explorer that you will use to go find the photo you want to add.

Step 5: Once you have browsed for the up to three photos you want to upload click the upload button. You can repeat steps 2 through 5 to add an additional two photos.

Step 6: After the upload finishes and you see your images show up in the current attachments portion of the Manage Attachments window close the window.

Preview: At this point you can preview your post and you should see all of your images lined up in a thumbnails section below your post. If this is what you'd like then you're done! If you'd like to insert the thumbnails into your post like I have in this tutorial continue on.

Step 7: Remember the paperclip? Name:  s_paperclip.jpg
Views: 105
Size:  754 Bytes Click on the down arrow that is attached to it. This will bring up the following mini-management window. Tutorial: Inserting Attached Photos Into Posts-s_manageattachmentsminiwindow.jpg

Step 8: Click on any of the images or the Insert All. This will insert text like the following into your post [ATTACH]NUMBERSHERE[/ATTACH]

Step 9: Click preview again and you should see thumbnails in your post. Wherever you copy and paste that little snipet of code that image will show up. Try copy and pasting the [ATTACH]NUMBERSHERE[/ATTACH] into different places in your post, remember to use preview post after each change.

You're Done! At this point you should be able to attach photos and then add them into your posts. If you have any questions please ask!
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