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Well we finally got some rain. About 1/2 inch a week ago and about an inch last weekend.

I have 3 areas in the 2 acre prairie that I planted this spring that were supposed to be wetter areas, many would call them rain gardens but for wet loving prairie plants. This year they have been dry as a popcorn fart.
Lat year they were wet until August and then only for a 2-3 weeks. I was worried about planting seed in them as I thought they would be filled with water when I wanted to plant them. No problems, they where dry early June when I seeded them.

Here is pictures of the wet areas after the rain with puddles in them. The puddles lasted no more than a day, still need more rain to catch up to where we should be.

Also you can note the growth of the weeds. Mostly lambsquater and crab grass with some ragweed tossed in for good measure.

I have mowed the really bad areas once but I'm getting shy about mowing again as there is a lot of Partridge Pea doing well and if I mow it I'm afraid I'll knock it back so it never flowers. I wouldn't worry about the flowering if it was a perennial but seeing how its a annual I think I might be ending its presence in my prairie.
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