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Originally Posted by skip1909 View Post
Nice work, good progress! How did you clear all the old plant debri out of there?

A couple of ways.
1st I was at work clearing a path thru the woods for the driveway in May of 2015. This yielded a large pile of firewood. The excavator that finished up the driveway by clearing the rocks from the woods and piling up a large area of topsoil stripped from the path in the woods. These piles "killed" everything under them. During construction of the house itself which started in May 2016 alot of soil was moved around. All of the area around the house, over the septic area and somewhere around over 1/2 of it was used to pile top soil during construction. After construction the top soil piles where spread around changing the contour from the house to the bottom of what I call the septic hill. So it was relatively easy to keep it weed/plant free with an application of glyphoste.

The rest of the area was originally over grown field, lots of small box elder, ash and elm trees along with Canada Goldenrod. I cut all the small trees made a bunch of brush piles and chipped all them into mulch. I used a flail mower to keep the grass/weeds down and then did a couple applications of glyphosate.

All that work plus a approx 2 years of time reduced all the vegetation to nothing. If I had to do it over again I'd do it differently and my end result would of been better and I'd taken less than 3 years to get to this point. The far south side of the field, approx 1/4 acre, is a more wetter area and still has some weeds growing in it yet despite an application of glyphosate, digging out a mess of small stumps and dragging it. Another application of glyphosate this summer would yield a more weed free cleaner area. Its not as nice as the rest of the 2 acres I'm planting. I'll keep an eye on it at some point this summer if it becomes very weedy despite mowing I'll hit it with glyphosate and replant that 1/4 acre this fall before the snow flies.

I read your thread about your yard "rehab" and wish I was only working with a small area like yours. Not to say it doesn't have challenges and its not work.
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