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Originally Posted by katjh View Post
Oh my goodness...I cannot even tell you how much I love this idea! Wild geranium is one of my favorites OUTSIDE. To think that I could bring it INSIDE to brighten the dark February days. I am most definitely going to do this next winter. Your photos are beautiful, too. Thanks so much for sharing the idea and the experience.

I have lost a few succulents over the winter. There just isn't enough light in my house for all of them. The ones nearest the brightest windows look great. Houseplants and succulents tend to "follow me home" from the garden center at work every year. They live on the screened porch and the porch roof until fall. Then, I choose my favorites to bring inside and rehome the others (usually a "free to a good home" sign on the curb does the trick). I'm not the best with tropical houseplants any more. I think I get a bit of potted plant burn-out from work and just need a little break in the winter. That's why succulents are my new love. They don't need much attention to stay alive and looking good, as long as they get enough bright light.

I may invest in some simple lighting for a few shelves in one room next winter, to keep the succulents happy.

You have no idea how much your post made me smile. I am so glad that you enjoyed it...and that you are likely to try it, too.

I hope you continue to enjoy your new found love of succulents. Also, I am happy to hear that many people take advantage of your "free to a good home" signs.
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