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Default Creatures mostly well adapted to harsh winter

Article on surviving winter. I would like to see more written about how habitat gardens with native plants left standing all winter, wood piles, rock piles and snags and leaf litter and all the places in a good wildlife garden that supply food, support and safety through harsh weather.

Humans are cold weather weaklings compared to birds, fish, rabbits - Daily Southtown

"As long as they can find food, they do pretty good," Konrath said. "But when snow is on the ground, a lot of their (natural) food is covered."
Rabbits, on the other hand, burrow down under the snow, where they can stay a lot warmer than out of the wind and cold air.
"But they have to get out and find food, too," he said. "Their mission every day is to find food."
Konrath said while it may be helpful to keep bird feeders filled this time of year, humans should not try to set out food for other animals.
"All you're doing is inviting a nuisance to your property. The food that's provided by nature is what they need to continuously to eat and survive on," he said.
"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson
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