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havalotta, I finished 4 pieces recently, 2 each for 2 shows. Both were Book Arts shows so they had to have some kind of tie to books or paper.

For the 1978 Gallery I showed 2 deconstructed books. Both hanging double-sided pieces.
One was a long narrow piece that hung vertically, mostly glossy black paint with regular intervals of cuts (pages), areas of white and graphite (writing). and a long blue curled paper the ran through it (story line).

The second one for that show was an "Open Book". A corrugated cardboard frame (cover)
painted black and punctured with holes, center open. Out of the center was an exploded paper (story) heavily painted and irregularly shaped held in place with black wax twine (structure and inner workings of the book).

The second show for the Pierro Gallery had a group piece called The Wall. At my suggestion we created a wall of "stones". Each artist created at least 1 stone (exterior had to look stone like) that opened in some way. Inside the wall was hidden a secret thought, concept ,book.
Mine had an inner dark corridor, three layers deep and paths. There was also a thin silver wire trail throughout and dark stones illuminated by silver graphite.

The last piece was a wall piece also dark glossy black called Night Vision from my War Games series with many openings and 2 layers. The circular blue, yellow and red images on top of the black were indications of looking into the dark landscape to find what is hidden from view.

If I can ever figure out how to up load from my phone I will share the images.
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