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I'm happy that you're experiencing the thrill of establishing a landscape from scratch. Many never have the opportunity; indeed, it's actually a rare experience. I too enjoyed good fortune when I purchased my home, which was a cow field previously and was without even a shrub or a vine.

Choose your plantings with great attention to how they will develop into the future. I made many irreversible mistakes, and I lament not having had more ecological awareness when I first began planting. Though most of what I planted were attractors of wildlife, some were aliens and some, for the purpose of blocking off a home being built that overlooked my back yard, were fast growing hybrid poplars and willows.

They accomplished sequestering my yard from neighbors, but now my tallest, most dominant trees are alien hybrids... Some day the understory trees I have long since planted will overwhelm these alien giants, but my best years in the garden will have gone by.

Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to establish the landscape on my own, so I know how exhilarating the feeling is, and how excited you must be!!!
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