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Originally Posted by KC Clark View Post
Those are American lady caterpillars. AKA Vanessa virginiensis. Found some on my pussytoes this week while I was planting more pussytoes. First time I've ever had the caterpillars. Planted the original pussytoes in 2012 so it took a little while for them to find me.
Yes, that's what I meant of course. I only had this patch of pussytoes in the garden since last year.

As for my monarchs, several have formed chrysalises and unfortunately some of those fell victim to tachnid flies. I found those as pretty large caterpillars already, so the fly must have laid eggs while they were still on the milkweed. Hopefully at least some will make it. I still have several others that I collected as eggs (and I keep them all pretty well separated in case some have parasites/disease) so I'm confident those will be fine.
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