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Default The Hidden Life of Trees

I finished this book earlier today and tonight began to read it again from the beginning. It's the best book on plants I've read in years, and it leaves the reader smiling from the newly gained knowledge of just how intelligent and capable the plant world is. Trees feed and talk with neighboring trees, and if one gets ill, the others around it of the same species will feed it and even give it water. Trees of differing species also help one another at times and in certain situations.

The book also tells about the relationship trees have with the insect world, and how they are able to communicate with predator insects like wasps by way of pheromones to help them rid themselves of insects eating their leaves. They communicate with other trees, also, when attacked by insects, and the warned start producing toxic sap that makes the leaves unpalatable.

I highly recommend this one. As I think of each individual still regularly active here, I think to myself how much you would all love this book. Here's an article about it:
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