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I can't tell what it is with the resolution on my iPad, but it does look like a sparrow. It appears to,have a white ring around its neck, which might be helpful in the id. Where are you seeing these birds - habitat, which state in which month? Most sparrow are ground feeders rather than in the trees.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an app called Merlin which is free, for identifying common birds in your area. I use an app called iBird, though it wasn't free.

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Could it be a non-breeding male house sparrow? Color isn't great on my computer, but that's what it looks like as far as I can tell.

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Thanks! This was in Texas...and it was trapped inside a building it must have flown into.

So, it sounds like it was some type of sparrow?
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It is common to see crows and mockingbirds chase raptors, and I have seen crows chase a fox in my yard. I don't have grackles where I am, but I don't see why they wouldn't chase it. I will look when I get on my laptop to see if I can I'd the raptor. What part of the country are you in?
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Based on the black wingtips, which are the only feature I can see clearly on my pad, it is likely a northern harrier, ferruginous hawk or red tailed hawk. where you live could narrow it down, and the colors of the chest. Try looking those three up and see if any of them look right.
Thanks, that at least narrows it down! Of those, it might possibly be a ferruginous hawk...but is most likely a red-tailed hawk.

Although I'm still not sure what the little black birds chasing it were?

And here's a new question - what bird might this yellow & black feather belong to (also here in TX)?
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