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I have a very small composting bucket upon my counter top. I'd say it's close to gallon size. Hubby doesn't eat many veggies and I choose to eat a lot of their skins. Potatoes and carrots inclusive as I like the flavor and nutrients they add. My son even eats the fuzzy kiwi skins!!!

I used to have a vermiculture under the sink. Almost lost them when I added a cedar sprig to the mix from a bouquet I had inside. Cedar oils were to blame! I gathered up the lot that had moved to the other side of the bin and tossed the rest to the compost pile. About a year later, I noticed they had all ran away! To where? I never did figure that one out. They certainly didn't die in the mix as you would have definitely noticed their decay. Not a worm to be found....How strange was that !!!
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