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Hello there.... Tis already 6 years past and I just ran into my notes taken while on this journey alongside you.
Funny how fast time passes. Been adding the names to the photos I had taken.

An Early Visit to the Carney Fen State Natural Area-dscf6032-polygala-paucifolia-gaywings.jpg
I took photos of what I believe to be the Polygala paucifolia gaywings
An Early Visit to the Carney Fen State Natural Area-dscf6120.jpg
and also (the only photo I could pin it down to possibly being) the dragons mouth. Am I correct in labeling it as such?

Something I'm wondering.... Is the dragons mouth another name for the gaywings or are they something entirely different?
Photos of them appear very much alike once the floral pod opens, yet the floral stalk of what they're calling the dragons mouth appears a bit taller.
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A walk among the elusive Whitetail Deer
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