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11. I saw a black and white warbler in my yard today. They are not usually here in the summer, so I have to believe the first migrants are starting.

Rebek, my tulip trees are usually amongst the first to turn color here, due to water stress, but this year has been so wet, I am not seeing any yellow leaves yet.

Dap, the eastern tigers wer especially bountiful this year. Their host plants are trees, magnolia and tulip and a few others. They especially like silphium, sunflowers, hyssop, joe lye weed, and tithonia (which is from Mexico, and an annual that doesn't self sow for me). I am also seeing them on the pickerel weed in my pond, and my lantana.

The lack of rain may also be a sign, as our summers are wetter than any other season, and it got down to 68 last night - the first time our nighttime temps have been under 75 in weeks. It tried to rain here yesterday, but the dense line of thunderstorms past about a mile north of us. Completely unfair!
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