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Originally Posted by turttle View Post
4. This week, the number of eastern tiger swallowtails in my yard went from hundreds to dozens.
Wow. What a wonderful yard and garden yours must be! Aster and rattlesnake root are two indicators for me.

In what is really my former woodland garden, though I still visit it often, tall white lettuce or rattlesnake root (Prenanthes altissima), was an original resident. I.e. it predated me. It's a really interesting plant, one which I haven't seen mentioned on the sites I visit. (It may be one of those native plants still struggling with its status as a weed; I'm not sure.)

Tall White Lettuce (Prenanthes altissima)

It's well-suited to the shaded woodland garden. Tall, distinctive, late bloomer, popular with small pollinators. Your thread, turttle, gives me the occasion to praise this handsome indicator that summer is ending.
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