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pawprint Well I gave away 10 bags of spinach...

...last week. And I think 5 more bags tomorrow, + 5 bags of romaine (a bag is a gallon zip bag).

Big rain this evening, high of 80F tomorrow 70 low. If my tomato seeds don't get with it pretty quick, I'll have to buy some plants I guess. Cucumbers are trying, first blooms today, and potatoes first bloomed today also.

I've tried a trick with my romaine lettuce last week,---now this might sound like 'plant torture'...but I took some long grass stems, and I tied each head--gathered up somewhat--, hoping the wind, and the varmits will quit breaking the side leaves off the far, it seems to be helping to stop side leaf breakage. Maybe I'll get those neat romaine heads like in the store big fat ones...only without the rubber band.

Oh and my cute little paw paw seedling...somebody ate it.

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