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Originally Posted by linrose View Post
Are you still unfrozen there hava or has the snow and ice hit you? It's 71 here right now but by Tuesday we'll be back down to 50 dropping down to around 40 by New Years. We did get to mulch on Christmas Eve day with cardboard and last year's composted leaves around the new Viburnums. That should save a lot of work come spring.

How nice to gather greens and twigs from the woods for winter decorations. My daughter and I made a grapevine wreath stuck with extra Fraser fir branches from the Christmas tree, red cedar twigs and holly sprigs with red berries from our one non-native Foster's holly. The cedar waxwings usually devour these when they come through.
Think we may be all tucked in now for the Winter. We got hit with a snowstorm on Monday the 28th and it has stuck with us ever since. That was a very welcoming snowstorm though as we had held off in our celebrating with the immediate family till that very eve as we were visiting relatives over the Holidays Sooooooo We had ourselves a white Christmas with our family after all!
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