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musical notes4 You can be proud around me any old time....

The title of this post, sounds like a John Anderson song, hey it's free, so sing away dear havalotta, on your way to your next adventure!

[QUOTE "Except for a few bags of the chocolate scented cocoa chips for the grandsons rock fort we dug." havalotta /] your not teaching that kid to eat dirt I hope!!! (I heard that dirt has bacteria & stuff in it)

Oh that mink stuff sounds very nutritious for your plants. Just a note for you, that you probably already know, but try some of that 'laundry dryer lint', next time you want to light a camp fire or whatever, I save all my laundry lint for tendering a fire, in case you thought I missed something!

Hummmmp you must have the scientific variety dope growers up your way, I heard they grow it down here in same dirt that Poke grows in. Well I'm glad you made a haul on the improved dirt & pavers too. That reminds me, I spotted some scrap limestone the other day, that I've gotta remember to bring home for Destiny's purpose.

This song is for you havalotta.

You can be proud around me any old time...

~~~~~~and one day as the seasons divide

~~~~~~the old time songs will recognize

~~~~~~just what a pleasure it is to be a friend

~~~~~~not too proud to help anyone pitch in

You can be proud around me any old time...

~~~~~~sing your songs & make them rhyme

~~~~~~gather the roughness, and make it shine

~~~~~~be it bricks, pallets, or homemade wine

~~~~~~all the while, looking for a new sign

You can be proud around me any old time...

~~~~~~with your torn britches & gash in your hand

~~~~~~resizeing that wedding band

~~~~~~keep things fun, and make a stand

~~~~~~with your natural blue-green decor near the sand

You can be proud around me any old time...

hahaha well there is half a song,,,maybe, but don't ask me how to sing it!!!

"Actuality, be what you are" -Charlie Parks
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