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I took the quiz, and I'm an 'organic mulcher', which is a polite way of saying: "I'm a cheap old guy, that isn't about to go to the store and buy a bag of their stuff, when I can probably make-do with something I've got laying around already"!

I still use leaf litter primarily as mulch, I find if I have trouble with leaves 'blowing off'...I throw some sticks on top of it. Once the leaves have 'stayed there a while', they mat together somewhat and don't try to run away anymore...unless disturbed.

I also like to sprinkle already chopped leaves on top of the matted leaves, it looks a little more uniform, and it helps the course leaves break down faster & stay in place. And if I get real 'fancy', I'll like the look of nice dark compost on top of that...but weeds can jump into the compost pretty easily, so I mainly use just the chopped leaves.

Sometimes I just pull weeds and leave them on top, but looks kind of trashy, so most of the time I throw my weeds in the compost area, until they become more 'uniform in texture & color', or I 'cover up' the weeds scraps with more shredded leaves. Oft times, I use tree bark & chips, swept up from my firewood processing area, there again, kind of 'clunky looking'...they last a year or two, and various mushrooms often grow in the areas with tree bark mulch, and various bugs and stuff is inherent in tree bark (which is a good thing usually).

During Fall, I will rake up all the mulch from various sites, and transport to the compost area. And fresh chopped leaves is eventually reinstalled around the plants, hopefully before any snow shows up. Except, the bulb type plants, if I put thick mulch on them in the fall, they try to grow...which is not good at that time, so I usually leave the bulb flowers uncovered from mulch, for the winter. During the late spring, I try to make sure everything is mulched pretty heavily, in advance of the summer sunshine.

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