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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
Yup those land turtles sure are fast! I've never seen a squirrel ripping off tomatoes and green ones at that. You'd think they'd be swiping the red ones. Next year, guess you'll have to plant one or so more by the looks of it.
LOL, heck ~1 extra plant~ Destiny thinks those squirrels can't count, but we both think they will probably just bring in more of the family, and haul off the load. We have a lot of squirrels around here, I would say 15 can be seen in a day playing in the yard. Maybe an 'artificial tomato' for next year...LOL. I guess it is a good thing they haven't discovered the peanuts yet, (although the deer did browse it somewhat), although they did rip off a few red potatoes. I may not have to buy extra tomato plants next year, I imagine I'll have volunteer tomatoes all over there place.

Wild passion fruit, is blooming and making fruit right now. July 2015 Photo of the month contest-img_20150722_170106.jpg ---Destiny (my wife) made this snapshot with here Kindle Fire HD7. Of which, by-the-way, we simply transferred the pixs from her Fire to my pc, via USB cable, so far so good no upside down ones. Maybe the pixs from some of the phones and such, are mis-oriented because her android will quickly reposition the pictures on her screen, depending on which way she is holding the thing...which is kina funny while she is reading and we are driving down a crooked steep road!

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