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Happy gardening to all this year!

I would like to say about my POM entry, this was a hard-won snapshot! I've seen these guys around my place typically giving each other a ^5, or simply outright chuckling at me, as they whisk away with whole tomatoes in their mouth. And now that they have a taste for my green Romas, they can't seem to get enough, it is an all day vigil to try to catch them at it.July 2015 Photo of the month contest-100_2454.jpg

I see them crossing the driveway with a tomato, I see them two at a time diving into the cover of the gourd vines with tomatoes, they don't even eat their favorite white mushrooms in the back yard, because they now have tomatoes. They don't even waste the tomatoes any more, they started out just snacking on the things, but now it has become a meal.

We only have 4 tomato plants this year for myself & wife Destiny (whom took this snapshot), luckily the plants are loaded, but we have only received 8 ripe tomatoes so far.

Hey kchd, this is as big as my original picture can get...maybe you can use it 'as is' in the 2016 calender....if I win of course!

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