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You bring up lots of great points, katjh.

Originally Posted by katjh View Post
I will start paying closer attention but this is what I've noticed so far:

Plenty of bumblebees earlier in the season when the spring flowers were blooming. Fewer right now, but I don't have a lot flowering at the moment. The summer bloomers are just beginning to flower. I imagine I will see the bumbles when the Wild Senna blooms. They buzz-pollinate those flowers and it's mesmerizing to watch them. Joe Pye has just started blooming so I'll check that out daily and see who's hangin around.
I saw more in the spring as well...and, you make me realize that my Joe Pye weed has buds too, so once that blooms (and my meadowsweet, and my devil's walking stick, and my...), I'll have a more accurate assessment of which pollinators are present or missing in action.

Originally Posted by katjh View Post
Lots of smaller bees of all shapes and sizes on the Butterfly Weed and Purple Prairie Clover. I think I'm seeing honey bees in the patches of clover in my "lawn", but I'm no bee ID expert so I can't say for sure.
That is what has me concerned; I've noticed nothing except butterflies at my butterflyweed.
Originally Posted by katjh View Post
I must say that when I started my native plant journey in 2012-2013 (don't recall exactly when I planted my first order from PM), I was hoping for more butterflies than I am seeing. We do get butterflies, but not daily and not in any great numbers. Of course, I am still working and I'm not out there watching every day. I did begin to notice Spring Azures last year and again this year - I'm quite sure they weren't around my yard "BN" (before natives).
I think I'm starting to see more this year, perhaps it takes a while for the population to increas3.

By the way, I love the "BN" time indicator!
Originally Posted by katjh View Post
GREAT idea for a thread linrose!

Thanks for.starting it, linrose.
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