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I thought I would add a comment to this older thread since I purchased one of the Stihl Easy2Start chainsaws about a year ago.
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The Easy2Start feature really does improve the ease of starting chainsaws. Starting has always been one of the nemesis of chainsaw operation. The Easy2Start feature eliminates the difficulty of having to brace the chainsaw and yank vigorously on the pull rope.

With the Easy2Start feature it's just a quick, but gentle, pull on the starter rope. This winds a spring which then starts the saw when you release the starter rope. It's so easy that it's no longer necessary to hold down the chainsaw with your hand and foot.

One other thing that has made a big difference in operating all of my small gas powered engines was switching from regular gasoline to premium grade gasoline. I started doing this because of a warning in the Stihl operator manual. The premium grade gasoline that I buy for the small engines does not contain any ethanol. Ethanol is hard on small engines and can shorten their life.

I also use a gas stabilizer (like Sta-Bil) in all of the gas for small engines. Gasoline degrades significantly in just 2 - 3 months, so with a stabilizer I don't have to worry about when the last time I used the gas in my gas can or how long the gas has been in the weed eater.

It's been a nice long year of 1 or 2 pull starts.
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