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Originally Posted by Helianthus View Post
I cut my front lawn yesterday with the Ryobi battery powered mower, and it worked great. I liked the light weight and quiet sound. The battery ran out of juice just as I finished the front lawn, but the good thing is that it comes with two batteries. Overall, I'm pleased with the mower.
Thanks, Helianthus.

I feel the same way. I am satisfied with it. However, I bought the largest one that still had the single blade (because I'd read a review that someone had an issue with the dual blade.), mine has only one battery--duh! Oops, although I looked at the brand you bought, I ended up with the Kobalt. I'm satisfied with it, but I may end up buying another product of theirs that uses the same battery, so I will have two to play with.

Glad you like yours too.
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