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pawprint witchhazel blooming in winter

I'm not sure these witchhazel bloom would explode, as they don't have seedpods, or at least none that I can see. November 2014 Photo of the Month Contest-witchhazel-nov-2014-001.jpg But with all this talk of witchhazel blooms, I should at least submit a rather pitiful picture of it (NO these are not entries in this POM contest). I guess I can see how this would be a nice 'winter blooming' thing to have in the yard, now that I noticed several of these shrubs that are quite large some nearly 15' tall. I like the 'witchhazel' crookie~swervie structure & splotchy color of stem & limbs.November 2014 Photo of the Month Contest-witchhazel-nov-2014-002.jpg

I'm definitely going to try collecting/drying some witchhazel leaves next year, about the same time I collect some sassafras leaves...I'll just have to make sure I don't intermix the two type leaves (one for medicine, one for cooking). I wouldn't mind trying to decoct my own witchhazel water.

My funny story of the witchhazel fruit, several years ago I thought they were hazelnut, and so I'm out there trying to gnaw on these hard little pine cones/fruit things from this bush to decide if they were worth bringing some home~~~I wasn't too impressed flavor-wise, but they were probably too green for a proper taste test!

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