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Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
I've tried to let the natives I've added spread on their own...after several years, I'm finally starting to see one or two things appear where I didn't plant them. I suspect it is a long process to let nature take its course...especially in a degraded habitat with mostly non-native lawn grasses and various invasive species.

Planting even a fraction of the seeds (I always leave a lot on the plants) results in many, many more seedlings than would survive in nature. By germinating them yourself in ideal conditions, you end up with more genetic diversity and plenty of plants to add to your garden/habitat. I'm assuming once I have so many planted and transform the property, they will spread themselves over the years, showing up in various places and creating naturally dense and sparse sections throughout the property--with other species better adapted to the conditions filling in the sparser areas.

As you grow natives in your yard and see them daily throughout the various seasons, you will become more intimately familiar with what these species look like in all stages and seasons. This will allow you to recognize them out in nature.

Also, if you walk in the same area even weekly, you can see what is blooming and where...then go back for it as the seeds mature...or mark it somehow (I've read of that, but never tried flags or ribbons or anything).

I hope the weather does let up next week...if they are right, we are supposed to hit 60 on Monday!

I've planted mine out as late as February and still had successful germination.

Thanks for the encouraging words, Dap! I think I'll make a point of collecting some seeds next fall and trying to winter sow them. I am going to work on improving my ID skills. I also have to find areas where I can collect seeds. Many of the areas I visit regularly are parks or nature preserves where I can't collect.
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