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Originally Posted by katjh View Post
When I first started to plant natives about five years ago, I started with a couple of seed mixes from Prairie Moon because it was so much cheaper than plants. I turned over all the sod and such in the areas I wanted to plant....NOT a good idea. I agree with you, Dap, the soil disturbance just released a whole host of weed seeds that had been there for many years (our house was built 70+ years ago). I switched to smothering to avoid giving those weed seeds the opportunity to germinate. Plants may cost a bit more in the beginning, but in my relatively small space, they are much easier to get established than seeds. I think that once I get plants established and the weeds smothered, I should be able to supplement with seeds in those areas. I wouldn't be able to afford to start with plants if I had acres to do, though!

That is why I collect seeds and winter so them to plant once they are grown in a bit. We I purchase plants, I collect their seeds to plant...but I also collect natives that naturally occur on our property...and natives find growing along the sides of roads. I agree, I could never afford all to purchase even plugs for all of the plants it would take to fill up 2 acres!
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