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Originally Posted by EllenW View Post
...I rotate my pastures. When the grass starts to get short in one I move them to the other one. I mow the pasture that is resting so the weeds don't get too tall. In the winter the horses stay in a lot with hay off the pasture so they won't eat it down to the ground. Creeping buttercup is a huge problem for pastures in this area. I have been able to decrease it by not letting my grass be overgrazed. There is a farm nearby that has way too many horses. Their pasture is a sea of yellow in the spring when buttercup is blooming...
Ellen, I commend you for not only researching this topic, but putting it into practice with huge success. I hope your neighbors notice your pastures, and inquire about how you've achieved it, so that they can put it into practice.

Keep up the good work, I hope you reduce your weeds more and more each year with the sound practices you are implementing.
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