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Originally Posted by kchd View Post
I took a class a few years ago from Oregon State: Ecology of Invasive Plants. One of the key take-home messages was that disturbance...If you can maintain a natural ecosystem and minimize or eliminate disturbance, you're ahead of the curve.
That is one reason I like the idea of smothering...perhaps I'm wrong, but it feels like there is less disturbance to the soil itself--not only the beneficial microorganisms and their various zones, but also exposing the seedbank (likely more invasive plants where I live as it has been developed/farmed for decades if not centuries).

I really hope that I am successful in reclaiming areas, then pretty much letting nature take its course (with the exception of several areas where I will try to prevent natural goal is to leave several areas in various stages of succession).

Once I move all of the rocks, and mini-boulders into place for my pond/streambed project, I hope to stop disturbing things that surely are utilizing the dry areas underneath. Creating landscapes that don't require continuous (man-made) disturbances seems to be the way to go.
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