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Adding legume to grass will increase grass production, and the leaf structure work well together. I personally find white and red clover to be a decent exotic to encourage because of its palatability and productivity. Partridge Pea is usually added in native mixes for some of that function.

Grass mixes will depend on your natural meadow/prairie conditions. Short grass, Tall grass, Savannah, Wet, Dry and so on. I think a lot of pasture grasses are cool season so theres things to eat early/late. Warm season grasses are more productive but are only growing during the summer. The core species that I like are

Switchgrass (Tall, Warm Season)
Indian Grass (Tall, Warm Season)
Big Bluestem (Tall, Warm Season)
Little Bluestem (Short/Tall)
Virginia Rye (Short, Fast growing, Cool Season)

Native Grasses, Native Shrubs, Northeast Native Plants, and Soil Erosion Control Solutions at: New England Wetland Plants, Inc.

"Turf" grasses. These can be used for lawns, but wont keep up to constant foot traffic. Isn't native on the coastal eastern US.

Blue Grama
Buffalo Grass

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