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Originally Posted by Gloria View Post
kat, what did you think of the women beaver catchers? While I liked the stories of beaver rescue I would have liked to see more of the two in the beginning talking about how the beaver helped the water levels to remain stable even through drought and to even bring water back to wetlands that were drying out. Need plenty of cute quotient to attract viewers though and it is good to understand more about the beaver lifecycle.
Thought it was really neat that the one trapper was a beautician in "real life" . I thought it was a very well done video. I agree, it would have been nice to hear more about the ways beaver benefit wetlands, especially during drought.

Anyone from Wyoming on this board? I recall, on our last trip to Yellowstone/GTNP that there was an issue with beavers along the Moose-Wilson Rd. in GTNP. They kept building dams in an area that was causing the road to flood. The DNR/Forest Svc./NPS had tried a number of things to keep the water levels down - including putting the pipes in the dams to release some of the water. It's kind of an important road in spite of it's size. One of the only routes between the two towns. Not sure where the situation stands currently but I wouldn't be surprised if the beavers are persisting.
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