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Originally Posted by Birding Bunch View Post
Hmm... this sounds interesting. Where did you get the seeds from and does it take a lot of care?
It is a cool plant. Jeff loves it! We actually bought a small seedling probably 15 years ago or more at a greenhouse. It didn't last long.

A couple of years ago, I spotted the seeds in the spring at a local nursery. It was among the vegetable seeds and flower seeds one tends to see that time of year. I think they did have some more unusual things. I grabbed it along with whatever vegetable seeds I was buying that year.

The seed packet said to soak the seeds in very hot water (I vaguely think it said boiling...but that is hard for me to believe...I think it would kill them/cook them). After 24 hours, just plant them as normal seeds. I put them in a very sunny window. They really seemed to like that location.

I'd planted them early enough so that they'd at least have some of their true leaves by the time it was Jeff's birthday. Then I surprised him with it...not sure what else I got him that year, but that is the one we remember.

So, it ended up blooming by the end of summer. I tried to help pollinate it in case it couldn't manage on its own. We ended up with about 4 seeds. I saved them for the next year as it was nearly winter by then, I think. The original plant died back, but survived, and this spring I cut it back--despite Jeff's objection (I knew it needed it). Then I planted the new seeds--after soaking them in HOT water. They germinated, and the original one took off (after I transplanted it to a bigger pot). They both are starting to form flower buds--Jeff even counted them the other day and told me. (You have to understand...he likes houseplants--me not so much anymore, though I did in my youth--but watering always falls to me.)

So, if you find the seeds, soak them, and put them in a sunny spot, I think they will do well. They seem to like well drained soil...and I water them about once a week--if I remember. Some plants thrive on neglect.

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I have to admit, when it comes to houseplants, we just do not get along. I created this to get printed and it will be hung in a prominent location for all visitors to see.
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If you notice the grammatical error, please don't point it out. I actually typed it in correctly the first time, but then questioned it, so changed it to what is now an error.
Your post made me smile or laugh a couple times. This was the first time.
I like the warning. Very cool. ...and I'm sad to say that I didn't notice the grammatical error and had to go back to check. I tend to catch things like that...or at least I *think* I do...but I'm famous for making them at times too.
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People come over, they don't see houseplants, so think I need them. I was given at least three last year and the one I least liked is the one that survived. I call it an indoor weed- philodendron. I gave it a haircut. A simple whack that cut off six or more feet. I am too lazy to tack that thing up the wall and around the ceiling.

I think I remember that kind of philodendron. My mother had one for a long time. Actually, I think cutting it back is the way to go to keep it compact and less work for you.

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An amazing thing is I've kept a Christmas cactus alive, even with a transplant.
Yippee! Good job.
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