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Originally Posted by TheLorax View Post
I had some seed and spread it around to a few members here. I will have some seedlings of the Clintonia in a few months I could share with you and possibly some of the others. I can collect some Osmunda spore for you or divide a whole plant. Depending on how my Cardamine fairs this year, I might have more seed of that later on.
I'd be happy to take a few seeds or seedlings of the Clintonia or the Cardamine at some point when it's convenient for you. Thanks for offering! My local forest has cinnamon fern and I will certainly try to grab part of a fertile frond & try my hand at fern propagation this summer. Last year I tried to propagate New York fern & it didn't go well, got mold. I followed, or tried to follow, Bill Cullina's precise instructions, but I might have gotten the mix too moist.
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