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Originally Posted by NEWisc View Post
I have some Apios americana; for a project like this I could spare a couple of young tubers.
I appreciate the offer! I'd be happy to send something in return. I'm getting a number of tree & shrub seedlings in 2 weeks, most of them destined for the utility land, & could easily spare some of these species:

Amelanchier canadensis
Prunus serotina
Sambucus canadensis
Cornus sericea

For your long term Cyp aspirations, try this site:
His seedlings are ethically produced - there's no collecting of plants from the wild. He grows them from seed in the lab. The seedlings are small and need a lot of care, but he produces a good product.
Yes, I have come across that site before & definitely have my eye on it for a possible future splurge.
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