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Originally Posted by disuhan View Post
I do not have the money to spread mulch over that entire area, nor do I have the patience or energy to flip all that sod. I found a posting on CraigsList for free clean fill that I can just go pick up. GO FOR IT!!!!

I realize havalotta's unable to answer right now, but I came to this thread hoping to get clarification on the ability to dump soil on top of cardboard. Has anyone successfully done this method and kept the bulk of the weeds out/killed the grass? I'm hoping to do this within the next two weeks and ideally plant it this late fall (mostly shrubs) and spring (perennials).
I'm Baaack and am doing my darnedest playing catch-up.

I just cut and flip the sod all along the edge when I create new beds. The interior is left as is but topped off with cardboard and-or multiple layers of newspapers (Non glossy) I too lucked out getting free fill from the city. I loaded big Tupperware bins into my car, Backed it up to the free soil and literally filled the super big bins with soil. Drove home and backed it as close to the bed as I could and shovel full after shovel full tossed it back out of the bins. Saved a LOT of lifting and hauling smaller buckets upon small buckets that way.

Dumping soil on top of cardboard works very well at smothering what grass you have underneath BUT and this is a big BUT take a look at what you are about to dump in....Move some of the soil around before you take home this FREE stuff because if it was just dug from an area containing grass etc....It just might have LOTS of active root shoots capable of REGROWING and you do not want that...As far as seed content Hmmmm That's a gamble I'm willing to take when somethings free. Now if it was composted first or many years in the sitting or whatever there'd be less chance of a ton of goodies-badies sprouting up once it's spread. There'll always be something in soil unless you get sterilized soil but what's the point of that as those goodies ARE needed to sustain life.... period!

Hope that answered whatever you were wondering, If not, give me another try> I'm here for you.
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