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I use anchor pins which are also useful for holding down landscaping cloth. I bought a box of 500 or may be a 1000 from A. M. Leonard this spring.
Anchor Pin for Netting and Landscape Fabric | AM Leonard Horticultural Supply
They rust quickly, and if there's a particularly robust weed or clump of grass it can pop out the pin. I also put bricks, broken cinder blocks, bits of old atlantic city buildings, pavers, tree limbs, etc on top of the cardboard to hold it down. Yes, its unsightly, but I don't care. I haven't gotten a certificate of merit for my front yard from the local garden club for years, but when I found out that they even gave certificates to people who had tasteful and well maintained plastic flowers in their window boxes and planters , and plastic vines on their trellisses stopped caring if I never got another certificate of merit. There may be weeds and grass battling the clover for predominance on my front lawn, but they're real there's no plastic in my yard, unless, of course, I'm downwind on recycling day.

Across the street from me is what is considered to be a nice front yard.
It'll be even prettier when the tangerine colored cannas planted around the tree are in bloom. The grass in the picture is all of the grass he has. The entire rest of the yard sides and back are paved over. When its been very rainy, the neighbor to the rights dogs have fun in the mud. Water's got to drain someplace, and does his neighbor ever know it.
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