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Default Why care about sagebrush?

The answer is if you care about the environment, you care about the communities that create habitat and ecological function. You care about trees and waterways, and mountains and plains. Most of all you know that each and every member of the communities have a place within the whole.

Greater Sage-Grouse

Greater Sage-Grouse | Sage-Steppe

Sagebrush is long-lived, with plants of some species surviving at least 150 years. Healthy sagebrush has plants of various age classes and a diverse understory of grasses and forbs that provide shelter and forage for a host of species from songbirds, pygmy rabbits, sagebrush lizards to iconic big game animals like mule deer, elk and pronghorn. While sagebrush may lack the wildlife diversity of a tropical rainforest, many species found in sagebrush, such as the Greater sage-grouse live nowhere else in the world.
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