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Good spring, y'all!

Glad this thread's returned with the longer days, and that the experiments continue.

Allow me to add my progress to the collected Bokashi wisdom here.

Placed the full top half of a 5-gallon Bokashi bucket on top of a large pot that had about 4" of last year's used dirt in it and let it sit there lidded for 2 weeks. Chopped in some more used dirt and topped with a few inches of the last of the commercial potting soil and immediately planted some mint. Two weeks in, and good! My concern was that the full-strength juice accumulated in the bottommost dirt might be too concentrated and do damage. Time will tell.

The dirt now used in all the rest 5-gallon planters that constitute the fire escape garden is derived from 2011-purchased potting soil that's been cycled through the indoor dirt machine troughs with Bokashi composted organic waste.

The plants all seem healthy and happy. I like the clam shells that have found their way to the top and dubbed them decorative elements.

Decided to try to fill the indoor plantspace with flowers rather than light-starved herbs or vegetables and in an effort to speed that planting process, and having re-watched some of Bryan's videos (Videos - Bokashi Bran by ProKashi) on the subject, experiment with resting finished buckets for only a week and similarly resting buried waste the same or not at all.

In further not-plant-related EM news, tried a 2T./5 gallon dilution of the stabilized EM/water to mop the unsealed wooden floors. I've been here 10 years and in that time have used Murphy's Oil Soap, vinegar, baking soda, and vinegar/baking soda on these machine-oil-soaked floors and nothing cleaned the old oil up and away like the EM's. I was in happy shock.

Now look for a non-chemical, easily applied seal for this wonderful old oak...

That success in hand, tried the EM dilution in a spray bottle for the windows. My goodness, the dirt just melted away, and my place is naturally dusty/dirty since the building is old and rather falling apart.

This weekend used it to clean an old crock and wooden stomping device toward this forthcoming week's adventure in sauerkraut making. Lots of elbow grease required for the crock, but by golly, it's a wonderful thing for cleaning.

XOXOX to all.
If only I had access to un-asphalted ground...
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