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pawprint more flowerzz please

Hey havalotta, thanks for catching me up on your latest endeavors. Gosh you & yours are becoming quite the environmentally friendly people!, I too have opted for less intensive mowing, last year I reduced my mowing to once. But I get to make up for the fun lawnmower time by grinding leaves instead! hahaha

I think Linrose shows the right example for the mayapple by grouping in an area, somehow I think the mayapple like hanging out with other mayapple...but sometimes you just find one out in the middle of nowhere! ~~

I must say Linrose...your photography is so fine, your new camera really shows off your subjects in perfect detail. I wish I could keep up with Linrose & havalotta on 'the blues'...but I've got to wait for the spiderwort, mouse ears, & the wild flagg to bloom.

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