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Originally Posted by wildwatcher View Post
NO, I didn't notice, so your selling out and moving? Is that right, or are you just adding a new camp? Please clarify, or send me an email, I wanna hear all about 'the scoop' first hand! I also posted some new pix in the Nov POM thread, about the mayapple here and what happened to them after I dug a whole bunch of them out of the woods! Get the scoop on that over at the NOV. 2013 POM thread.

Anyway I know you will put those mayapple to a good home around your place, ~~~I can't wait to hear from KCHD about how her mayapple are coming along, they should be up by now for sure!

Oh no! I'm not selling out and moving. Whooooa I'd hate to even think about doing anything like that when I'm finally sitting in a mature setting.

The short version.
We have two camps, each with "lots" of time consuming grass cutting.
We bought two more. We remodeled one over Winter and are now moving things into it...The other is currently being remodeled. BOTH have minimal to no grass to cut. I begin clearing the two ORIGINAL camps of their excess starting this aft. The personal things, books, stuff on counters, extra rugs etc so buyers can visualize THEIR things in it. Once clear (Hubby gave me a month) we will put the two original places up for sale. It saddens me to leave a place I've grown to love but I also understand my hubbys need to lessen his workload.

I really LOVE the pond, birches and lay out of the camp we're moving things into. That's where I'll be planting your mayapples!
The other, Mmmmmm Even finished will more than likely lack in a comfy feel. It's a tiny A frame, tall and wasted spacious. No walls to hang collections, two bed rooms in it's nearly windowless (I guess you'd call it a half basement) but its near family and that alone means a lot.
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