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Originally Posted by recurve View Post
How did the paint job turn out?
Far from finished, but I patched some nail holes (from previous owner), taped the trim (only in the section I started, not the entire room yet), and painted two small walls that make a corner between a door and window. It is a good start--I needed to wait for the spackle to dry anyway...I didn't expect to do the whole room. Now we are trying to adjust to the new color. It is more rich than the color the room was when we bought it (not a bad color...close to what I'd have picked out, but a there was a pink tinge to the tan in a certain light and that always bothered me). For the most part we like it...but it seems a tad on the orange side (in a certain light). LOL...we'll see what tomorrow brings. I think we just need to get used to it.

Speaking of tomorrow, they are calling for 3-5 inches in the early morning hours, stopping between 10:00 and 1:00. I'm thinking a delay, but school could be closed again--making this a 6-day weekend for me. ...and giving me a chance to paint the whole room before next weekend! (But I'm getting ahead of myself. ...and Jeff is asking if we still have the "peanut butter" sample--we do--but I don't wanna have to change colors again! "Peanut butter" is nearly the same color just a hint more neutral--I bet mixing the two colors together would be perfect...but that's not gonna happen.)

...aged, I bet you wished you didn't ask!
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