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I've got to pull myself away from my Unread Posts...and start painting this room (whatever I should call it). Actually, I have to tape off the trim first.

For years, I've had a color in mind for the walls--kind of like the color of hot tea, or parchment paper, or little bluestem in the winter. We actually found a color--and both agreed on it!!! We picked something called "peanut butter" and the woman who was going to mix it for us said it was very popular...then corrected herself and said "pumpkin butter" was the one that was selling so well. Her co-worker raved about it saying she had mixed it so much and always loved it, so she painted her room in it. The two colors were very close, but I decided to buy samples and paint a spot of both at home. Jeff surprised me by picking the same one I liked best--pumpkin butter (not as dark as the real thing...which I'm starting to crave now and will have to look for it in a store).

Okay, obviously, after righting that mini-novel, it is clear that I'm procrastinating. By for now. Gotta paint.
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