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Originally Posted by Rebek56 View Post
Our little bluestem seems to want to plop itself just about everywhere in the yard. If we weren't trying to be semi-civilized for the neighbors, in a couple of years, our sunny areas could be pretty much covered by little bluestem, a variety of asters, goldenrod, black-eyed susan, blue-eyed grass, and obedient plant. (Actually, this combination doesn't sound too bad.)

I'm hoping to get a meadow full of little bluestem--and a variety of wildflowers (including the asters and goldenrod)...I guess if it starts showing up in the vegetable garden or something, I can move it where I want it...or share it with others. I would think mowing the paths would keep it from establishing itself there.

...Wouldn't it be great if it would repopulate the natural areas around my county. Considering I collected some seed from a small patch (the only one I've found around here) of locally grown little bluestem, it would even be local ecotype!
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