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havalotta, in response to your question about paper I think I can help since I regularly use erasure as part of my drawing.
I use a pad of Strathmore 300 vellum surface 100lb heavy weight acid free paper to sketch on.
It takes multiple erasures and comes in pads that are bound with glue so you don't have to deal with pulling them out of a spiral book.

Online JerrysArtarama has them and I just noticed a new pad of the same weight and type from Strathmore that is from a wind powered plant you might consider.
If you want me to send you a few sheets to try it out before you purchase a pad I'd be happy to.

Speaking of pads I'm happily filling the nature journal pad you so kindly gave me on your visit. The quotes at the tops of the pages are really thought provoking. It's really tickles me when what I write on the page coincidentally refers to the quote.
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