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Originally Posted by jack View Post
Using a blueprint to work out my plans for a garden is just not a part of my makeup. It would be analogous to me sitting with a book of differential equations in my lap, when I have trouble with basic arithmetic.

Everything I have done in my yard, for better or for worse, was simply what made the most sense to me when I had the newly purchased plant in my hand.
I think I fall somewhere in between...with my art background, I feel I could do it justice if I tried. Also, with the use of satellite photos, the basic work would already be done for me--the planning and measuring (at least most of it)...that appeals to my lazy side. At the same time, for the most part, I've just looked at areas in real life and moved potted trees and shrubs where I think they look best, adjusting them, if necessary, before planting. However, that was when I was younger and enhancing an already started landscape. When moving here, and starting with bareroot trees (for the most part), I was at a bit of a loss as to where to start...all the while trying to keep in mind the mature height of things.

Now I don't advocate this type of planning, or lack thereof, as I have paid dearly for it, The biggest example is in my planting forest proportion trees along the East/South East border of my property. As a result, I now need to situate my vegetable garden a good 200' or more from my back door. Only back there is there enough sunlight throughout the day to satisfy the needs of many of the crops I desire to harvest.
Sorry to hear about your long trek to your vegetable garden. On the plus side, if you have deciduous trees to the south of your house, at least you will benefit from shade during the hotter months, and passive solar heating during the winter.
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