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Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
I did learn some basics of either that program or something similar last year in, hopefully, if I try it, I won't be completely lost. Time will tell.
Using a blueprint to work out my plans for a garden is just not a part of my makeup. It would be analogous to me sitting with a book of differential equations in my lap, when I have trouble with basic arithmetic.

Everything I have done in my yard, for better or for worse, was simply what made the most sense to me when I had the newly purchased plant in my hand.

Now I don't advocate this type of planning, or lack thereof, as I have paid dearly for it, The biggest example is in my planting forest proportion trees along the East/South East border of my property. As a result, I now need to situate my vegetable garden a good 200' or more from my back door. Only back there is there enough sunlight throughout the day to satisfy the needs of many of the crops I desire to harvest.

Nevertheless, I will never change. Even reading some of the posts in this thread gives me a headache, as I struggle to envision how in the world I would ever properly lay out such designs. I just don't have the mind for it...
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