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Default Native Step-ables?

Over the past couple of months, since I've been thinking more about how to create the meadow I have in my mind, I've begun to smother areas along side one of my paths. While doing this, it has begun to occur to me that I really can't leave the (Eurasian?) grass and weeds in the path as I'd originally planned. Sure, I can mow the paths, but the grasses and weeds will just infiltrate the meadow that will abut it. Just this past Monday, I spoke with someone who basically told me the same thing while we walked the path.

So, now I've been trying to figure out what natives could be planted in the paths and will hold up to foot-traffic. So far, I'm thinking along the lines of Carex pensylvanica, but I still have to look more into that. I'd like a mix of natives that can handle being stepped on.

Aside from the paths, I'm thinking about other low-growing natives that can be used to replace the lawn in the front yard--something that I could maybe just mow once or twice a year. These areas wouldn't be stepped on nearly as much as the paths (or, perhaps will not get stepped on at all). What I'm envisioning so far would be something along the lines of pussytoes (Antennaria sp.), Potentilla simplex, and bird's-foot violet (Viola pedata) along with some shorter grasses and/or rushes and sedges. I did a search of "native curly grass" and, I believe I found the grass I had in mind for a low-growing mixed "lawn":
Poverty oats grass (Danthonia spicata).
I'd love to hear some suggestions and feedback on the list I've compiled so far. Thank you.
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