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Default Finding Answers to Wildlife Dilemmas

So what do you do if you have a difficult question to answer regarding wildlife, wildlife habitat, or a problem related to wildlife

There is a 3 step process I can recommend that should answer most questions.

1. Contact the Conservation department for your area. They will be most familiar with state and local laws and conditions that could apply to your situation.

2. Contact a professor at your nearest State University. Most professors are quite kind at responding to email or phone calls from concerned citizens. If they do not have specialized knowledge required to answer your question, they may be able to refer you to a researcher who can.

3. Search peer reviewed literature. Journals such as Journal of Wildlife Management and Jorunal of Wildlife Diseases will contain the names of people who have done the research (and may also be contacted if truly needed) and contain very detailed information that can answer many questions or at least provide a framework for making informed decisions.
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