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I've never had lemon ball shaped cucumbers before. Hmmmm.... is this something I should try growing?
FIOS.... UVerse.... they're both obviously ways to extract more $$$ from us. I 'spose you and me will have to make the change over sooner or later. We won't be given a choice... 1 day they'll inform us they're no longer "supporting" what we have and we'll be given 90 days to convert to the new service. We still have a landline too....... it's the only thing that works when we have flooding in the area or when high winds knock out towers. We have an antenna in our attic but.... something went on a few years ago where we were supposed to pick up a "free" black box and we didn't so I don't think we can pick up any stations on our tv with just the antenna anymore. No cable here but we did have to pick up a basic satellite service so our tv would work..... another bill we didn't need or want.
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