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Thank you thank you thank you willo!!! I didn't take any photos but I've been harvesting Daikon radishes. I wish I woulda taken some photos because they're coming up real nice. I've been dehydrating them. I've got about 4 pints of dehydrated radish chips put up. They're tastier than potato chips with a dip or guacomole and.... much healthier!!! Only problem is I sliced em into rounds and they're kinda hard to pick up with your hands now that they're about 1/4th the size they were before they went in the dehydrator so next year I'll slice them on an angle so there's more to get a good grip on for dipping.
biig> you got it!!! Those are 'Kentucky Wonder' green beans. The branches of the pear tree were laden with little fruits. The more the fruit developed.... the more the branches sunk down low enough for the bean plants to latch on.
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