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Originally Posted by biigblueyes View Post
How long have they been "rooting"? If it hasn't been 2 weeks, resist the temptation to check. If you have new growth, they're rooted. If not, can you use something to lift up just one to see if you have any trace of roots? You can gently place it back and water it, no matter what the results.
They definitely rooted. Those that were most robust were already planted a while back when we were getting lots of rain for a week or more mid-summer. They seem to be doing fine. Those with little growth were put back and I've just been keeping them watered.

I decided I want to plant another elderberry at the base of a slope where I'm adding some tall wildflowers--cup plant, wild senna, and eventually big bluestem (maybe) and some New York ironweed. I'm sure I'll add others if I have the I wish I had one of the most robust ones for that area. Oh well.
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